Is this crisis making it hard for you to sleep? One local sleep expert is offering free help

April 7, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

During this time you may think that with all the time we have to spend within the confinements of our home that the sleep that may have eluded us with busy schedules would return. Of course, that may not be the case. More than likely, you’re struggling right now. For some, it’s catch-up time but for others – the sleep struggle is real.

If that is your case… you are not alone. Being at home all day and night can make it even harder to maintain a pattern or schedule. One local woman whose business address the challenges that over 100 million people suffer from every night is looking to help her community cope during this time. It may be hard to even think of sleep as a priority, but your sleep is necessary for your immune system to run as efficiently as possible.

Soda Kuczkowski, of START WITH SLEEP has launched an online sleep support group to help people tackle this challenge head on with guided support. There is no fee required for participation and it is available to anyone who feels they would benefit. In the group you will receive daily tips and weekly insights regarding a number of different factors that affect sleep and strategies for coping with the most common sleep challenges via live chats, recorded videos with health professionals and post topics.

“It is an uncertain time both nationally and globally but there is hope as long as we focus on what we can control – specifically how we manage our days to embrace our night,” said Soda Kuczkowski,  “It is more important now than ever to practice self-care, to accept what is to unfold but to understand that your actions and mindset DO matter and will set the course for the outcome for both your community and your own personal health. Everyone can suffer from sleep challenges at one time or another but during high stress times especially with more time to sit and absorb everything that is happening those issues can be heightened.”

In this forum you are encouraged to ask questions and engage in sharing your stories. Invite your friends and family near and far to support each other in not only overcoming challenges, but improving how WELL you sleep.

According to experts – our sleep:

• Is important to keeping our immune system strong
• Can improve your emotional response and manage mood
• Vital for your mental health
• Can help you manage stress and anxiety
• Aids in your recovery

If you or someone you know is struggling, encourage them to take part in this safe, positive space to help answer questions and address a part of health that is connected to so many of the personal and professional goals we have ourselves.

For more information – visit START WITH SLEEP on Facebook HERE. 

To join the FREE online support group CLICK HERE. 

Good luck and sweet dreams!


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