Lewiston mom writes book about the loss of her son & all of the little miracles which have brought her comfort since

January 31, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Ten years ago, November 2009, Jeannine Brown-Miller lost her son. He passed away while driving on his way to workout at Niagara University.

He wasn’t sick. There were no warning signs. It was all so sudden. Her precious Jonathan – gone in an instant. The crushing loss left the family in agony and learning how to cope with such devastation. It was a dark time – but out of it came some light. She found a way to not only help herself, but to help many others. Brown-Miller decided to write about her journey. Her grief. Her loss. A book about all of the tiny miracles that help her believe that Heaven exists. Small signs from above that helped her heal. Brown-Miller says Heaven sends messages to help ease her pain.

The book is called – “76 Feathers:  Always Remembered. A Mother’s Journey Through Loss, Grief & Hope”

Why 76 Feathers? Brown-Miller says feathers appear – white feathers – as a sign. She’s found them in her son’s room, in the car and even in church. She finds them – when she needs them most. Light in the midst of darkness.



She used to keep them a secret but decided that she wanted to share what she calls her “miracles”. She’s sharing them in 76 Feathers.

“The sole purpose…to provide others with what works for me to move through this life with such a sadness lingering, always so that perhaps some of my methods could also help you,” Brown-Miller said,  “This book is also intended to provide those who are trying to help a loved one suffering such a loss, with ideas on how they can effectively do so.”

The book is a combination of describing her son’s life and legacy as well as creating an awareness of how “Heaven” interacts with us.

Realizing her journey is different from others, she hopes anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, will find peace in the pages.

“I can say to you, I understand grief and I want to help you through this in any way I can. As I said, if one person is helped from this book it was all worth the struggle to relive this journey, from day 1 until now.”

You can find “76 Feathers:  Always Remembered. A Mother’s Journey Through Loss, Grief & Hope” in both eBook and paperback on Amazon.



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