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June 13, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

I’ve worked with Gabrielle Mediak quite a few times over the past few years. She’s bubbly and adorable. But, she’s also smart, funny and quick-witted!  If you don’t know Gabby – she’s a reporter for WIVB and usually works on their morning show. She started a fun segment called Good News With Gabby – first on social media and now on air at Channel 4. I send her over some story ideas and she’s always game for anything that will bring some joy and positivity to her followers!

I recently checked in with Gabby to see why good news is so important to her right now!





TB: What made you decide to do Good News with Gabby?

Gabby: I’ve always been a very positive person! it’s just in my nature to smile and make others smile! There is a lot of negativity surrounding the news and I wanted a place to just share all the good happening! A segment to help people escape the day-to-day problems and provide them with hope! I feel so lucky to be able to spread positivity and showcase the many helpers! My first episode was shot in my bedroom off my cell phone, now it’s on news 4. I just feel blessed to have the opportunity and that people have responded so well to the segment.



TB: Why is it important to spread positive news? Particularly now?

Gabby: I think it’s now more important than ever to shine a light on the good happening in our own backyards. There is a lot of pain out there right now, due to Covid-19 and more recently following George Flyod’s senseless death. I feel like it’s my job to find the GOOD that is also happening. There are so many helpers. When I cover these stories of people donating meals, PPE, Art , coffee, finding ways to make others smile ; I am always amazed by their generosity. And if I can give others that same feeling and leave them feeling just as inspired, then I’ve done my job.



TB: What are some of your favorite stories?

Gabby: My favorite stories are ones that help others and make a difference. One that comes to mind is from When I worked in Syracuse. An autistic boy was bullied on his bus and the family trusted me with his story. The coverage made a difference, the driver was fired and the family was so grateful. It meant a lot.  I also like to do fun stories showcasing all the great activities and places we have here in WNY. And of course stories that highlight the good happening!



TB: What does it mean to work in your own home town?

Gabby: It means everything! I feel so lucky to be able to share all the good happening in our community! And in the same token, to share the breaking news, updates, and information our neighbors need to know.  It’s very special because I grew up watching the news with my family! Now I get to work alongside these incredible journalists that I’ve looked up to since I was a little girl.. cover events I grew up going to, and have my family by my side! I also worked really hard to get here, starting as a producer locally and then moving to Corning to start my on-air career. I lived and worked there for a year and then spent the next year in Syracuse, gaining experience! So it means even more to be telling my own communities’ stories.


TB: What do you like to do OUTSIDE of work? 


Gabby: I’m very family oriented so I love being around them! I also love being by the water, on the water! Exploring/hiking, taking photos and scrapbooking!



TB: We know you’re a pet lover, right?!


Gabby:  Absolutely! Our family has a westie  -Lily! She is so sweet! I’ve been able to be a voice at the Niagara County SPCA and help them out which has been great!



TB: Where do you see yourself in ten years? 


Gabby:  Right here in Buffalo with a family of my own doing what I love! I hope to still be telling stories across WNY!


TB: What is your biggest TV blooper? 


Gabby:  An interviewee I had at the home show last year was a bit shy, we were taking about toilets lol! And he just wasn’t saying much,  so I just said “You always have to make sure your toilet is on point!” And Mel and Dave lost it, cracking up on air and so did I!  We still laugh to this day! A viewer also offered to embroider me a toilet on point pillow LOL!


TB: What is one thing most viewers don’t know about you?


Gabby: I love to sing! (Basically since I could speak!)Age 6 through all of high school I was in plays, musicals, show choir, concert choir – you name it! Fun fact: When I was 9 I sang the national anthem at the Buffalo Bisons game! 



TB: What makes you Totally Buffalo? 


Gabby: Buffalo is my home! Born and raised ! I love this place, our sports teams, our community and how we rally behind each other! I think what makes me “Totally Buffalo” is the love I have for our city! I feel very lucky to do what I love at home! I’m a Buffalonian through and through! 🙂 




Thank you, Gabby!!  You can follower Gabby on Facebook for some good news!



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