Local small businesses taking big, bold and creative steps to stay afloat in the midst of Coronavirus crisis

March 14, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

For many of us – this is a scary and confusing time. It’s an inconvenience as we are stuck at home. But – for others – it’s a time of worry. It’s a time of stress as they figure out how to keep their small business from going under.



A few days ago, we talked with Jeff Morreale – the owner of Buffalo Apparel Company on Hertel Avenue. He spent thousands of dollars preparing for the normal, annual St. Patrick’s Day sale at the parade. This year – no parade – no sale – no business. It’s a tough time. But Jeff is doing what he can. He’s putting a table out front so folks don’t even have to step inside – they can shop in seconds, go home with some pretty cool Buffalo inspired merchandise – and help this small business owner stay in business. (READ MORE HERE).

We also talked with Pearl Omphalius who owns We R Nuts. Each year – these weeks at The Broadway Market are huge – this year, she’s very worried.  So she’s taking action – offering curbside pickup – even delivery. Is she nuts? Nope, just creative, hard working and willing to do what it takes! Here’s what Pearl said, “So many of you know I am a small business owner. We are a special breed, very resourceful. I worked on a Square website tonight that you can ask either to pickup your order, and I’ll have it ready for you. You never even have to leave your car …. Or, I’ll deliver if your within 10 miles of 999 Broadway or 10 Miles of Hamburg. As always you can also visit www.wernutsny.com. Please share this post because it would mean the world to me! All small businesses are going to be affected by the public health restrictions, but especially ours with our Broadway Market Season in the balance.

Where can you get these amazing nuts?   Click here for more information.



Meantime – if it’s beer you want – it’s beer you’ll get – delivered to your home. The folks at Aurora Brew Works posted this on Facebook: 


In the event that the coronavirus forces widespread closures and self-quarantining here in our own backyard, rest assured… YOU WILL NOT GO THIRSTY!

ABW fully intends on taking phone orders and delivering beer to your doorstep (in full protective gear) on a daily basis! In fact, we’re currently working on an online inventory, ordering, & payment system to quickly (and legally) process orders.

In the meantime, wash your f***ing hands!


And… some good news for those stuck at home with little ones… it seems the big corporate world is trying to help us a bit.

The Walt Disney Company is giving an early gift to kids who are off of school because of Coronavirus.

The company announced on Twitter that Frozen 2 will be coming to Disney+ this Sunday, three months ahead of time. So there you go! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning!


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