Love Never Dies, A Stunning Second Act to Phantom of the Opera

June 6, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

The year is 1907. Ten years after the Phantom disappeared from the Paris Opera House. He has a new life in a new city. Now in New York alongside freaks and ghouls, the Phantom calls Coney Island his playground; his new side show. He’s been in hiding, but has never stopped yearning for his one true love; his musical muse, Christine.

Christine and her husband, Raoul are lured from Europe to New York as the Phantom plots a way to win back his love. It’s dark and mysterious. The acting and singing are glorious.

The music moves you.

It makes you cheer for the unrequited love.

The costumes, set designs and lighting are spectacular.

Whether on Christine’s balcony while the Phantom serenaded her or in the middle of Coney Island, you felt as though you were there, right along side, a part of everything. The choreography, the rotating stage, the outstanding orchestra – all brought the show to the next level.

It all leads up to the stunning performance of “Love Never Dies.” The ballad gave me chills. Meghan Picerno, who plays Christine, has the voice of an angel. Jake Heston Miller, who plays her son Gustave, is shockingly talented. And, Bronson Norris Murphy, who played the Phantom himself (he is the alternate) – is simply amazing.

This show has everything we need: characters we know, obsessive love, amazing performances, and glorious costumes. There are funny parts, too, thanks to the crazy, odd, circus-like ensemble.

The story line veered off the course I expected. It’s suspenseful and shocking, but wonderfully done. Love Never Dies is proof that the talents of Andrew Lloyd Webber never die. With Phantom as a predecessor (Broadway’s longest-running show in history) Love Never Dies comes with built-in fans who want to know – what happens next.

And what happens is this outrageous, wonderfully told, beautifully performed next chapter. Bravo!

When: Through June 10th

Where: Shea’s Performing Arts Center, Main Street, Buffalo

Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes (including intermission)

Tickets: $32-$87 at




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