A Little league owner hits one WAY out of the park for a sweet little girl!

October 29, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Don’t you just love heartwarming stories? It’s so wonderful to hear about the amazing things people are doing for others; even when they don’t even know them.

Here’s a great example from Lockport.

Beth Dauria Adams drives by Harley Little League Field in Rapids, NY (near Lockport).  She and her husband, Jason always wanted to stop and talk because they are so impressed at how clean and beautiful it is. It’s like something out of the 1950’s, she says.

So, Saturday afternoon she called the owner. Here’s what she said about the call, ” George answered right away and was absolutely so excited to hear that we appreciated his field and how we got the vintage look he has been after all these years. I asked him if we could come by sometime with Libby – as I wanted to dress her up as Dottie from “A League of Their Own” and he was delighted! He said we could come over in a few hours and he would even cut the grass, rake the field, and put down fresh lines! I was so excited, took one look at the sad costume I bought her on Amazon and instantly got to sewing something a Rockford Peach would be proud to wear!” 

Before they knew it, they were on their way to the field, “We arrived a few hours later and the field was pristine! And he says – “did you look at the score board?” … it said “welcome Libby!” What an absolutely endearing thing for us – we were all so excited!”



Wait, there’s more.

“He had bats, a mitt, softball, and baseball laid out for her too. He let us run around and play and take pictures. He even put some great old music on for us! He told us all about the field and how he does it because he loves to see all the children run and play and how he loves to meet new people! It is completely non profit and truly a labor of love. He is hoping to even put in dug outs!”

Beth told me it’s a memory she will never forget, “I was literally on the verge of tears when I saw that scoreboard!!! For him to go out of his way like this – it just floored us and I’m still grinning from ear to ear about it ! I just knew I had to tell my story so he would have the opportunity to share his and really get his field the recognition it so deserves ! And hopefully he will be able to get the dug outs and lights too!!”

Beth says George is doing this for all the right reasons.

“He wants everyone to always leave the field, remembering their experience at Harley Field – which is named after their son who is now 29. He mentioned how he could be doing a lot of other things in his life right now like playing golf or riding a boat all summer – but he would much rather be doing this. And then when he saw how happy Libby was dancing and playing – he said “this right here makes it all worth it.” We will certainly be smiling about this evening for a long time to come! What a feel good story about how great and welcoming George and his wife Maggie are and how they do so much for the community!”


Sounds like amazing people to us!

Check out Harley Field on Facebook, and please give if you are called to do so. Here is a Gofundme Page for maintenance costs.

We will have more on Harley Field soon!





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    This is so heart warming and beautiful. This is why WNY is know as the best area to live in. We have the greatest people living all around us and great people like George and his wife Maggie are proof of that. THANK YOU for a “ good news “ story, I love seeing good news about the wonderful people in our community ❤️

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    My son played there as a 9U travel player for the NTNLL Nighthawks, he’s going to be 12 in April and he still talks about this field
    They had music, sold concessions and just made it an all out wonderful experience for the team and parents

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