Adorable Dalmatian Statue Stolen from Lancaster Business, Owners Devastated.

February 19, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

If you’ve ever walked along the village of Lancaster – you’ve probably noticed how quaint, quiet and lovely it is. Hannah Goldsmith, her sister, Sarah Dobbins and mother, Dawn Pearce – sure have noticed. That’s why they moved their shop there – The Furry Friends Holistic Pet Spa.

They moved from Broadway to their Main Street location about a year ago. And that statue right there – the dalmatian – has been there to welcome every single customer. Every single day. Hannah says the statue – which her mom bought at a flea market for $150 a few years ago – has always been a big hit, “It is always out there to greet people, and let them know we’re here! Often times small children will come by with their parents and even pet him! It is truly an icon of Furry Friends, and honestly, even Lancaster Village.”

But, within the past few days, the statue – which they lovingly call Pongo – was stolen. Yep, snatched from its spot right there in front of the shop. The owners are devastated – not only because they love the dalmatian – but, because they love their community. Hannah says this is beyond upsetting, “The statue was at least 200 pounds. I could barely shimmy it. So, it definitely took some planning to take it. They needed at least two pretty strong people to lift it, and it was done at night.”

Lancaster Police took a report and have been looking for the statue. Hannah says they – along with folks in the community – have been very helpful, “The people of Lancaster and Depew have been amazing! I can’t believe how many people have shared our story on Facebook and left us comments of support, hope, and outrage. We truly love our clients and neighbors here – they’re family.”

Hannah is sad to say that things have to change – unfortunately, “Going forward, we probably won’t put anything outside of our shop now. It is truly a shame because we want to make not only our shop look cute, but also the village. But that’s usually how it goes, one person ruins it for everyone.”

The shop owners hope to get their ‘Pongo’ back.  The ladies hope to find it back where it belongs one morning as they go into work. Hopefully, whoever took it will realize it’s more than just a piece of art to the owners – to them, it’s priceless.

If you have any information on the statue, you can call the Lancaster Police Department (683-2800).




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    It’s a damn shame, I hope it is returned. I’m sorry there are people like this roaming our streets…………….

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