An Amazing Gift Sent All The Way From Budapest, Hungary

May 31, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

A few months ago I shared a post on Facebook that went viral. It was an emotional piece that spoke to many – especially those who’ve lost a lost one. I received thousands of emails and messages from folks wondering about the subject of the photo – a beautiful – sad – heartbreaking sculpture. Thousands of people – many who’ve lost a child – said it depicted their grief more than any words could say.

It is called Melancolie. And it is heartbreakingly beautiful.

The artwork created by Albert György can be found in Geneva in a small park on the promenade (Quai du Mont Blanc) along the shore of Lake Geneva.

In just about 9 months, millions (more than 24 million people) have viewed it from our Facebook Page, more than 4 million have commented, liked or shared it from our page and  so we wanted to take a few moments and share more about the sculpture and artist.

We wrote a story about the sculpture and artist last August and more than one million people have read it.

Bottom line – we knew it struck a nerve with many. We received thousands of emails from people who asked about getting a replica – a smaller version or even a print. We contacted the artist and asked if he would consider making smaller versions or even prints available. He was as gracious as can be and agreed to do so. He was overwhelmed by the attention.

György told me via email that he’s read every single comment on our Facebook post and blog post and once we put his address up – he’s been flooded with messages and emails as well. It was beautiful – the way he cared so much.

György created the sculpture from his own grief which overshadowed his life after his first wife died.

There are many erroneous posts out there regarding this work of art.  They say the sculpture is called Emptiness and was created by a grieving parent. This is not true. Although it does speak to grieving parents – many of them – have told me the art captures their raw feelings. It was created out of the loss of a spouse.

Back to the title of this blog post – the incredible gift.

Now – months after writing our original blog – I received an email from the artist (we’ve been in touch for a while) – who told me that he’d like to send me a gift and asked if that was okay. I told him there was no need – that the gift was seeing so many inspired by his work. He was insistent.


I was touched beyond measure to receive a box in the mail from Budapest, Hungary.

Once I saw the packaging – the way it was so carefully wrapped and placed in the box – I knew what it was.

My own replica of the heartbreakingly beautiful – Melancolie.  It is a GORGEOUS bronze replica and I will cherish it forever. I knew right away what to do with it – and I gently placed the tiny urn with my beloved father’s remains – on the bench next to the statue. It is as beautiful as you might imagine it to be.

My goal is to go to Geneva one day to visit this piece of art that speaks to so many around the world. I am also working with a group of people in our own community – who have lost a child – in hopes to bring a replica to the Buffalo waterfront. We will keep you posted on that.

Sometimes things happen and you’re not quite sure the reason – what you have to do is just let it happen – just go with it and remember that life is filled with surprises – embrace them.




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