An amazing update on those Fire Company t-shirts for teen battling cancer –

March 11, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

We told you about Timmy Richardson earlier this week – the 16-year-old is fighting Leukemia and asked for t-shirts from Fire Departments. The idea is to wear a different shirt each day while in the hospital and fighting his disease.



So far – get this – Timmy has received hundreds of shirts from hundreds of departments, including most local departments and others from Florida and California!  In a statement on the Timmy’s Battle Facebook Page a big, fat, thanks,  “Thank you so much to all that donated to Tim. We are just so overwhelmed with all the love and support from all over the world! (We have received messages from Hawaii, Australia, Antartica, and Germany!!)”

Look a Timmy’s mail!


It’s fabulous, isn’t it?! I mean, we know that there is so much good in the world; so many people who really care about others. It sure seems like first responders always step up and support one another.

We are praying for Timmy and are so happy for all of the support he’s received so far!

Timmy’s story on Totally Buffalo:

Local teen firefighter asking for fire company t-shirts, hopes to wear different one each day in hospital while fighting cancer.


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