Apparently – The Quaker Arts Festival will go on… “There was an immediate gasp…”

January 31, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

It is true.

According to Mayor Jo Ann Litwin Clinton’s office, the Quaker Arts Festival will go on in 2018.

We reported last week – that the Orchard Park Jaycees, who’ve organized the event for the past 56 years, announced they would be ending the long-running tradition.

Feedback was fast and fierce.

And it turns out, after much negotiating, the show will go on.

According to the Mayor’s office, the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce will be taking over the event.

Don Lorentz, the Executive Director of the Chamber tells me the town, village and schools all met and will be working on the Quaker Arts Festival together and are forming a committee. He told me by phone – the community spoke up, “There was an immediate gasp with people in the community. It’s a tradition that we didn’t want to see disappear.”

He also says they are waiting to hear back from the Jaycees – in regards to sharing information such as vendor contact info  Lorentz says it’s an important event for the community, “It is critical for our businesses and towns to have people coming to the area to experience our shops and restaurants.”

They are hoping to get back to the original art festival with more artists at the event.

CONFIRMED: After 56 years – the Quaker Arts Festival in OP calls it quits.




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