At least 18 lab mix puppies have been dumped around WNY – Dog control is asking for help from the public!

June 1, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

The Boston, NY Dog Control has put out a warning and a plea for help.

Here it is.

ALERT: Lab and lab-mix puppies are being rescued/dumped around WNY. I am aware of 18 total between the city of Buffalo, Boston, Orchard Park, and East Aurora in the last week. There may be more. They all appear to be 4-6 months old, are extremely fearful, and many have similar facial scarring. If you find more, please call your local dog control officers right away to get them to safety. Let them know about this post. And please call the SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Investigators (875-7360) if you have any additional helpful information.

Keep your eye on the Buffalo Animal Shelter, Sadie’s Safe Harbor Rescue, and possibly other local rescue groups as well for adoption details after these pups get some much needed vetting, rehab, and love. ♡

Why would someone do something like this instead of just bringing them to the shelter. It’s awful.


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    OMG, this is awful…
    I hope they find the scumbags!!!

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    OMG, this is awful…
    I hope they find the scumbags!!!

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