Baby Logan’s Family Needs Help Getting Their Son Home From the Hospital for the First Time Ever!

January 4, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

It’s been 402 days.

Little Logan was born on November 27, 2017 and has been in the hospital ever since.



It’s been a very long 13 months for Logan and his parents, Gary and Brenda Lee. Their baby boy was born with severe medical problems. At 20 weeks, they were told that there was a problem with their pregnancy. Doctors informed the couple that their baby had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  Basically, the baby had a hole in his diaphragm that allowed some of his stomach organs to move into his chest cavity and put pressure on his heart and lungs. The survival chances were bleak.


The family went to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where some of the top medical experts work. That’s where Logan was born.  It’s also where they spent more than a year.

Logan’s father, Gary recalls some of the journey: “My wife and I packed up and moved down to Philadelphia temporarily to have Logan and go on this Journey with him. For the first 3 months of Logan’s Journey it was very tough. Three times we were told that his chances of survival were minimal before procedures. He has had 5 major procedures. They now have no other procedures planned. Logan spent over 30 days on ECMO – heart-lung bypass. He was on so much sedation that he barely moved. I will say that sitting bedside next to your baby barely moving with so many tubes sticking out of him is the toughest thing to do. But we stayed strong and Logan stayed strong and pulled through those bleak times.”

Logan is doing better and two weeks ago came back to Buffalo and Oishei Children’s Hospital! The family is happy to be back in their own community.



Gary Lee posts updates about his sweet boy – every single day. I asked him why that is important to him. “I started posting for a few reasons,” Gary explained, “It’s a lot easier to get information to everyone instead of explaining what’s going on to everyone everyday. But for me it was my way to handle the stress. Men have trouble expressing their feelings and finding a healthy way to do it. This was my way. Then everyone really loved following his story and it became a good responsibility for me that gave me some purpose besides watching Logan. I became closer to old friends and made new friends because of the postings.”


Amazingly, their little fighter is almost ready to go home – but there is a catch.

Logan will need around the clock medical supervision and apparently – getting home nursing care is a challenge and they absolutely need to be completely covered before he can go home.


Gary says his boy’s journey will not end when he goes home; there is a long road ahead. This little warrior baby seems ready for whatever comes his way. A little peanut with big courage and strength – and a smile that will melt your heart – has defied the odds and will keep fighting.
His father couldn’t be more proud, “Three times they told us he probably wasn’t going to make it, but not only did he survive, he is flourishing.” Gary says, “He loves to play and interact with people. He is always smiling and laughing. He is one of the happiest babies you will ever see. I figure if he can get through all those, then so can I.”
Gary makes one thing perfectly clear – his wife’s strength and courage inspire him, too.
Logan’s prognosis is good – as long as they keep him healthy, his lungs stay clear – and he continues to grow!
We are sending many prayers to this little guy.


You can follow Logan’s journey on the family’s Facebook Page.

If you’d like to help the family – here is a link to their Gofundme Page.

All money will go to helping Logan thrive, and live a comfortable normal life at home once he is out of the hospital.

If you know of any home health nurses who may be able to help or pass along any advice to this family, they would truly appreciate it.


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