Badly Neglected Dog Saved Thanks to Anonymous Complaint – Now She Needs Medical Treatment & a Home

May 5, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

This poor girl is suffering, but thanks to an anonymous tip, she is alive.

Members of the North Tonawanda Police Department and NT Dog Control Officer, acting on an anonymous complaint of animal cruelty located this female dog on Saturday. The neglected dog was transported to a veterinary hospital by the NT Dog Control Officer. The owners have been charged with animal cruelty.

A Gofundme Page has been set up by the Dog Control Officer in hopes to get this sweet dog the help she needs and to send her to a loving home to give her the life she needs and deserves.

Here is a description from the Gofundme Page.

Thanks to an anonymous complaint and the help of the North Tonawanda Police Dept we were able to seize this poor girl today. She is in real bad shape according to the vet and will need long term hospitalization and physical therapy. She has broken teeth from the cage she was kept in all the time, that she was trying to get out of. The owners have been charged with cruelty and will not be getting this dog back. Her tail was wagging like crazy as I walked her out of the house. This girl wants to live. Without proper expensive care she may not make it. If your a dog lover you would be in tears looking at this poor girl. Join me in saving this dog and getting her to a good home!!

If you’d like to contribute to the page – YOU CAN CLICK HERE.


Thank goodness for the anonymous tipster who likely saved this dog’s life!


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