UPDATE: Bills fans raise more than $7,000 for Alzheimer’s Association of WNY in just days!

January 2, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

UPDATE: The Alzheimer’s Association of WNY has shouted out a huge THANK YOU to Bills fans. The group posted a video on Twitter with a post saying Bills fans have donated $7,000 to the organization in just two days.



We all know there is something incredibly special about The Bills Mafia. The fans are passionate and loyal – but they’re also kind, caring and giving!  You might recall last year the Bills Mafia supported Andy Dalton’s charity after the Cincinnati Bengal Quarterback helped the Bills into the playoffs – well, something similar is happening now.

After a radio host insulted Del Reid – founder of 26 Shirts and co-founder of The Bills Mafia – something similar happened. Instead of hurling back insults or getting angry – Reid decided to go by the old adage – kill them with kindness.

Here’s the deal.

Reid put out a tweet suggesting Bills head coach McDermott should be considered for Coach of the Year.

Jerry Coleman, a radio personality for 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, made negative comments, called Reid a clown and a loser and asked how he could ever be Twitter verified. He must not realize what Del and his followers have done for so many in our community. He must not realize that Bills Mafia stick together. He must not realize how we turn things into positives. Coleman referred to Buffalo as a City of Losers.

And you can guess what happened next.

Turns out Coleman has a pinned tweet saying his mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. So – Bills Mafia is now making donations to the foundation in Jerry Coleman’s name. How freaking amazing is that!!

Reid posted on Twitter – “Instead of insulting the guy, pour your energy into something that will actually make a difference.” And so they are.

Way to go, Mafia.

My dad had Alzheimer’s Disease and it was devastating to our entire family. We miss my dad every single day. This is incredible – a cure is needed.

You can make a donation at alz.org.

I wonder what Coleman is going to say when he sees the love … all the Buffalove.


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