Buffalo family in the midst of the horrific flooding in Houston.

August 29, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

To say Lynn Fullone O’Hara is on pins and needles is a total understatement. She spends her time watching storm coverage and praying for her family all in the midst of this horrific and unprecedented flooding in Houston, “I have two sisters and two nieces there as well as my 88 yr old mom who just relocated there from South Buffalo after the recent death of my dad. It is so devastating,” Lynn said, ” I’m scheduled to go for a visit on the 8th but that is so up in the air right now.”

Lynn’s sister, Lydia Fullone Olesky and her family are in the heart of it all, “My sister Lydia had a summer beach home in Rockport which is totally destroyed. The picture of her house is in Richmond Texas they are being evacuated.  She has a 23-year-old autistic son so all this is quite devastating for her. Her two daughters and their families live in downtown Houston which is about to be flooded because of the damn overflowing.”

Lynn’s mom Irene Fullone and younger sister, Lisa Fullone DeLaMorena are in Kingwood, Texas.  This picture shows what it’s like there. A complete disaster.

Up until just recently Lynn has been able to FaceTime quite often with her family. But of course, this is becoming a challenge. It is such a time of uncertainty for the Fullone family and for millions of Americans.

Lynn watches the coverage with a sense of helplessness, “To be honest with you, sometimes I just cry and feel so helpless. But my dad just passed away and I know he’ll be looking out for all of them especially my mom. All you can do is pray.”

And Lynn is hoping everyone will pray for her family and everyone else in the path of this monster storm.

If you would like to help those in the path, you can make a donation, you can text HARVEY to 90999 and donate $10 to the American Red Cross. 



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