Buffalo Family Warns of Holiday Delivery Thefts – After Boxes Are Stolen For 2nd Year In A Row

December 5, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

Well, it’s happened again. A local family is reminding all of us to keep track of our deliveries and to watch out for porch pirates.

They were hoping it wouldn’t happen again, but added a camera just in case. Sadly, it happened again and they video to prove it. The video is shared with the Buffalo Police Dept.

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. And whether you are done checking items off your list or still have a lot more to do, chances are some of your shopping is happening online. UPS expects to ship 750 million packages this holiday. But as those boxes of joy begin to arrive at your front door, so-called “Porch Pirates” are sailing in, pillaging your holiday treasure.

Yes, “Porch Pirates” is the technical term for the thieves who follow behind delivery trucks, waiting for the best holiday shipments. When they think no one is looking, they grab their haul and ruin your day.

According to InsuranceQuotes.com, nearly 26 million Americans have their holiday deliveries swiped from their doorstep. That’s up from 23.5 million in 2015. And these crimes aren’t limited to the holiday shopping season. They happen all year round. But, they’re more prevalent in November and December because of the spike in online sales.

There are some simple ways to keep your shipments safe.

– Schedule a delivery time. If this is an option with the sender, it’s a great way to know when your items will arrive. This way, you can be sure you’re home when the doorbell rings.
– Request a signature upon delivery. Your holiday items won’t be left out in the open if no one is there to sign for the shipment.
– Ask a neighbor to be on the lookout. Or better yet, have them accept the delivery. Often times, if you leave a note for the driver, they’ll bring your items across the street to Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ house.
– Change your delivery address. Why do all those presents need to show up at your home in the first place? If you have your items delivered to the office, not only will someone be there to accept them… there won’t be any questions form your little ones, wondering what’s in all the boxes.




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