Can You Help Save Grace the Cat?

July 26, 2019

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

When we received a message asking us to help with this Gofundme – we couldn’t say no! (We rarely can).

Here’s why this is an important mission:

First of all – this precious cat needs immediate help.

Secondly, the person in need is always helping others. Heidi Farrell Brown is always saving strays in her neighborhood – but this one – Grace – needs more help than most others and the costs are mounting. Heidi is trying to save this little one’s life.

So, if you can , please help with this.

Here is the information from the Gofundme Page.

“Grace the cat needs urgent medical care to save her life.
Her Mom Heidi Farrell Brown gives back to the community every day but now needs some assistance to help save one of her own furbabies. Heidi rescues cats and kittens and has saved hundreds of them from the streets of Buffalo and helped them to go to their forever homes.
She does all of this out of her own pocket and most of all the kindness of her heart.
Please help her to save her precious Grace. Thank you so very much!”


Here is a link to the Gofundme where they are trying to raise = $800. Thank you! 



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