Check out Tifft Nature Preserve’s live streaming Osprey Cam – the eggs are expected to hatch any day!

May 18, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Tifft Nature Preserve today announced that its live streaming Osprey Camera is back online to view the nesting activities of a pair of osprey that have been migrating north to nest at Tifft every spring since 2011.

Osprey are large birds of prey that inhabit coastal regions and mate for life. In an effort to encourage this previously endangered species to nest at the Preserve, the New York Power Authority installed a man-made osprey nesting platform atop a utility pole overlooking Lake Kirsty over a decade ago. The effort was part of the New York Power Authority’s Habitat Improvement Projects.
The live stream began in spring 2019 thanks to the support of the East Hill Foundation. The birds-eye view of the nesting platform allows Tifft website visitors to observe the osprey as they prepared their nest and lay eggs. Last year followers watched as three chicks hatched, developed their feathers and learned to fly before the family left the nest in the fall.
After experiencing some delays while making necessary IT system updates the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, which operates Tifft and the Buffalo Museum of Science, is pleased to announce that the live cam is back up and running just in time. Three eggs have been laid since the osprey returned in March and Tifft officials expect them to hatch any day.

The live stream is available on Tifft’s website here.

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