Family and Community Heartbroken After Sudden Death of Beloved Mother, Wife, Friend & School Counselor

January 2, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

The Eden, Angola and South Buffalo communities are grieving the sudden loss of a woman who was making a difference in this world. Amy Jo Banks passed away just two days after Christmas. She leaves behind a husband and three sons who are heartbroken.

She leaves behind countless friends and family members who are grieving her loss.

I was sent a message by a close friend of Amy, asking if I would share a bit of Amy’s story. The story of a woman who is remembered as a giver, a great friend, wife and mother who would do anything for anyone. Amy was just 47-years-old.

To get an idea of the kind of person Amy was all you have to do is read some of the messages and posts about her.  You can read about her on a gofundme page or a facebook post written by her son. Both are heartbreaking and beautiful.


A Gofundme has been set up by a Dave Hassett, a coworker of Amy’s who writes about how selfless she was. “Amy constantly put aside her own needs to make time to help every student, parent & family that asked for her assistance. Phone calls home, arranging doctor’s appointments, giving rides, providing clothing, hugs and encouragement. Her student’s needs always came first.  Amy was also was an expert at empowering young women. She helped countless girls find meaningful and confident paths in their relationships and post-High School education and careers. And these were the caring actions that Amy performed on her *typical days.*  Amy Banks literally redefined in the small community of Eden, NY what it means to be a “School Counselor. She regularly sacrificed her own time as a mom to three active boys, as a loving wife to Ronnie and as a member of a huge, loving family from Angola & South Buffalo in order to give and give and GIVE her time and energy to others.  If you were lucky enough to know her you loved her. And you understand that this world has lost one if its brightest lights and most caring souls.  Please consider making a donation on behalf of the help that Amy gave to others.  If you are reading this I am positive that Amy helped *you* in some way. Please help her family now.  Ronnie cannot stand that we are doing this. He won’t ask for help. So we are doing what Amy would do: giving it to him anyway. Because as we all know: Amy’s husband and her boys deserve our support.  She gave her selfless support to all of us for so many years.
It is right that we give something back to her wonderful family in her honor. God Bless you, Amy Banks. And your entire family. You will forever live on in the stories that are told about your loving heart and soul.”

Amy’s son, Troy,  is asking everyone to simply be more like his beloved mom. In a heartbreaking Facebook post, we writes, “As 2019 begins, I just wanna give my mom another thank you. Mom, you changed the lives of so many. From seeing a record attendance at your wake, people really do realize your amazing impact on this planet. Jackie Robinson once quoted, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” people came up to me at the wake telling me that my mama has helped them go through tough things like divorce, and depression. I want you all to look at the beautiful legacy my mom left, and be a better person for it. Be like my mother, and this world will be better. If you try to be a little better, nicer, and more humble each day, I will be happy. if you help somebody out once a week, I will be happy. My mom was doing these things everyday, and never needed to be congratulated, it just brought her peace. Whether or not you know my mom, please share this, in hopes that it can help change somebody’s life for the better. She was an angel, and will watch over you too, if you just ask. God bless.


Amy Banks was a counselor for Eden Central Schools. She was just 47 years old. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who loved Amy – and clearly that is an awful lot of people.

If you would like to help this family, here is a link to the gofundme page. 


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