Fire at Smith’s Maple Farm on Maple Weekend – is devastating, but these farmers not giving up!

March 17, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

It’s a terrible thing to happen; a huge, devastating fire roars through your farm and property.  It’s especially bad when it’s your biggest weekend of the year.


It’s a beautiful barn and maple shack – pictures taken before the fire.


At just about 10:30 Friday night, The North Boston Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to a barn fire at Smith’s Maple Farm. The folks at Smith’s are calling it a “devastating fire”.  At first they posted that they would be closed all weekend, but then, another post, “With very much thought and heartache Carl and I have decided to open up tomorrow (Sunday March 18th) to sell just our syrup and maple products. There will be no tours, demos or farm animals. We are forever grateful for everyone’s generosity!”

Fire photos courtesy, Boston Volunteer Fire Company

They will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They’re located at 5257 Mayer Road in Hamburg. Boston Volunteer Firefighters posted they were able to save the structures with minimal damage.

The folks at the farm told me in a Facebook message Saturday night, “We are very blessed to all be safe! We are truly grateful for all the help and generosity our friends, family and even strangers have given us!!”  They did lose one animal in the fire; a pig that was going to be a part of their maple weekend festivities.

This is a huge weekend for maple farms – and this is a huge blow for the Smith’s. So, if you plan to buy syrup or other maple products this weekend, why not help these folks out! Thankfully, the firefighters were able to save the shack where the maple products are made and stored – let’s show this farm and family some love!!


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