Couple weds in new location after Lake Ontario venue flooded out.

June 1, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

wUPDATE: Congratulations to Cristi and Bill! They said “I do” today after what’s been a challenging few weeks. Their original wedding venue was totally flooded out so they had to go with a new plan. The entire incident actually brought the two closer and showed them how, together, they can get through any obstacle that comes their way.  Wishing them a lifetime of happiness, joy and love. 🙂

Cristi Morotchie grew up spending summers in Youngstown. Sailing at the Youngstown Yacht Club, enjoying the gorgeous waters of Lake Ontario. So, it’s no surprise that she would want her wedding reception at the club, “It has some of the best views and we wanted to get married on the water so for us it was a natural choice. We booked it last spring shortly after getting engaged.” Cristi says she and her fiance’ Bill Wedgwood were super excited as their special day approached. The day she’d spent a year planning. The day she’d spent a lifetime waiting for.

Everything was moving along perfectly. Things were falling into place and Cristi and Bill were counting down the days. Then, one day they took a walk around Youngstown, “We found out initially just by going down there. On the day we got our marriage license we decided to take our dog down for a trial run (he is in the wedding) he loves water so we wanted to be sure he didn’t try to hop in our wedding day. When we got down there we saw the water level over the break wall. That had never been like that in my life.” They didn’t panic. In fact they thought they’d be okay.

They thought the water levels would go down; that the current on the river would actually work to protect their space.

That wasn’t the case. Cristi’s mom called the Yacht Club and the manager told her things were not looking good and advised them to start looking into other options. This is three weeks before their reception. Three weeks, “When I got home from work my fiancé who had been in talks with my mom about it during the day broke the news by telling me to sit down while pouring me a martini. I was initially worried someone had died so when he told me what it was I was actually a little relieved. I told him people lose their homes and loved ones due to flooding, we just have to change our wedding venue, we’ll be ok.”

Cristi took it well for the most part, “I think I was probably in shock at first because tears did come later. It was really hard losing the vision of something that you have spent so much time and effort planning. We immediately started calling other venues locally in hopes to not move our out of town hotel guests who are planning to stay at the Niagara Crossing Hotel and Spa (Formerly Barton Hill). Fortunately through the help of a colleague we did find a great location on the water only 10-15 min away from the hotel our guests were booked at, the Sheraton Four Points, that had our date available, with room for our 150 guests, we really lucked out!”

Her attitude is so amazing through all of this. They are contacting their guests with a venue change card that pretty much says it all.

The Youngstown Yacht Club gave them their full deposit back. Cristi and Bill know it’s not the Club’s fault. This is on Mother Nature.

The new venue has been great.  They’re honoring the couple’s menu choices so they don’t have to reach back out to guests about that.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. A flooded venue and a flood of emotions. The thing is – it was also a chance to see how the couple can get through a challenge. After all, life is filled with ups and downs and problems and issues – and having the right person by your side gives you the total upper hand. For Cristi and Bill it’s all just the start of what will surely be an adventure-filled life.

Cristi says it’s also a reminder of what is truly important in life, “I would say overall while this past week has been very stressful it allowed me to see that the important thing about getting married is having all of your closest friends and family there to celebrate your love and therefore allowed me to relax a little about all the details which can make you crazy when planning a wedding. I feel great about my partner and his way of supporting me during a stressful time which is indeed the most important part!

We wish Cristi and Bill a lifetime of love, happiness, and joy.



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