Four-year-old Gabby was diagnosed with cancer – here’s how you can help her family

January 17, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

These stories always break our heart and we will help however and whenever we can. We were asked to share Gabby’s story in hopes to help her parents through this very difficult time. A cancer diagnosis impacts an entire family as parents are forced to miss work, worry about mounting medical bills and that is not to even mention the emotional toll it takes.

Therese Parisi Stock posted a Gofundme after her sweet niece was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma. Here is her post written about the adorable little Kenmore girl.

“Little Gabby Parisi is just 4 years old she loves to sing. In fact, she sings all day long. Her current favorite is singing the songs from the musical Annie. Gabby loves to play, she is currently into unicorns and loves to dress up as a Disney Princess. Gabby is also very sick and in the fight of her life. Gabby has been diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma high risk. Her treatment will take 18 months to complete and will include 5 rounds of chemo, 2 stem cell transplants with high dose chemo and immunotherapy. Gabby’s mommy Joanne and daddy Anthony are helping her to fight but in doing so daddy has to miss a lot of work. We are seeking to raise money to help Gabby’s family survive and just get their basic bills paid. Please donate what you can to help Gabby and her family.”


You can help by donating to the Gofundme Page to help Gabby’s family. CLICK HERE TO GET TO DONATION PAGE. 

Every dollar will help this family. Thank you.


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