Fusion Dance Studio’s national competition team performs Thriller on the streets of Ellicottville!! And. It. Was. Awesome.

October 30, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

This is super cool.  A Halloween-themed Thriller flash mob broke out on the streets of Ellicottville Saturday.

Seeing the video is amazing, I would have loved to see it in person!
Fusion Dance Studio’s Competition Team pretty much rocked out on the streets of Ellicottvile this weekend. Kelli Wagner, owner and director of Fusion Dance Studio says it was a moment she won’t soon forget, “It had to be my proudest moment seeing all of their hard work pay off!!! I was amazed by their performance and how professional all of the dancers were. They were so in character and I think they did MJ proud.” 
It was a great payoff for a lot of hard work, “We spent the last few weeks putting it together and it was a huge team effort. From our students, their parents investing time into making their costuming and make up to look like authentic zombies to our faculty for all of the rehearsals.”

They had 35 team members performing in it and their ages ranged from 7-17.

Amazing job!

Here is the Youtube video of the flash mob. So cool.



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