Gavin is Recovering, Finding New Normal – Surrounded by Love and an OUTSTANDING Community

July 30, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Unfortunately, we hear all too often about bad business practices; someone scamming someone. There’s no doubt, there are plenty of good stories for every bad one – they just don’t seem to get told.

Beau Enterprises has been in business for 35 years. A family-run operation, Ken and Karen Lilly, their sons, Aaron, Ryan and Spencer, all work to make yards in Lewiston and beyond just beautiful.

A few weeks ago, the Lewiston Police Coat of Arms Benevolent Association reached out to Beau’s and other local landscapers. They were looking for a price to mow a lawn in Lewiston for 4-6 weeks.

The lawn belonged to the Burns Family.

It was the scene of a tragic accident on June 1st; an accident that forever changed the Burns family. Ten-year-old Gavin, who was severely injured, was taken by Mercy Flight to Oishei Children’s Hospital, where doctors saved his life, but could not save his foot – which was amputated below his knee. Gavin spent weeks in the hospital but is now home and continues his recovery. Jackie Burns, who is extremely proud of her amazing little boy, tells me the family is trying to get back to some kind of normalcy, “It has been a struggle, but we are taking it one day at a time.”

One thing they don’t have to worry about is their lawn. Although the Police Benevolent Association was going to pay a company to do the lawn care, Beau’s Enterprises, along with folks from Blooms Relax Landscaping, are doing the lawn free of charge for the family, “Following the tragic accident the last thing Jason Burns and his family should have to worry about is their lawn being mowed,” Aaron Lilly of Beau’s tells Totally Buffalo, “I couldn’t imagine trying to get back on a lawn mower following such an unfortunate accident. They all had been through enough and like the people of Lewiston always do, they step up for other members of the community who are in need. We felt it was a good opportunity for us having a lawn service to do so and help out within our community. ”

It means to world to Jackie and her family, “They are amazing. They even went out of their way to come and meet Gavin and tell him that they will make sure that no one is in the back yard before they pull out any equipment. Gavin is so thankful or that.”

So is Jackie – who says the community has been wonderful. A Christmas In July fundraiser held this past weekend was a smashing success and more proof of just how caring people are, “I just can’t believe the amazing support of everyone with Christmas in July. It’s truly amazing. The meal train just ended and that truly was a Godsent.”


Gavin has an appointment with his surgeon this week as well as a prosthetist who will work on a prosthetic foot for the little boy who has impressed everyone with his courage and bravery.

The family recently went on a thank-you tour of sorts; visiting the heroes at Mercy Flight and Lewiston Fire Company #1.



The fact is, sometimes tragic things happen that can change your life in an instant – and when it does, you have options – you can feel sorry for yourself and let sadness and heartache take over. It’s understandable how that can happen.

But, hopefully you have a support system to help you face it head-on, find joy in the small moments, turn to family for help, rely on love, find strength deep down – and live a life filled with happiness surrounded by those most important to you. That is what the Burns family is doing. They are fortunate to have an amazing family and they are going through this together. They’re all there to help Gavin – who has a long road ahead. One thing is certain, he is far from alone and that is what matters most. Love wins – every time.






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