Hamburg family is hoping to raise enough money to buy special glasses so their little boy can see!

May 10, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

UPDATE:  They did it!!   Thanks to the amazing generosity of WNYers, the Bishop family has raised enough money ($10,000) for Aiden’s glasses. This new technology will help the 8-year-old to see!!!!!  Thank you Western New York!!!!!!

Christopher Bishop is incredibly grateful and tells me Aiden is beyond thrilled.  They ordered the glasses and should have them in about three weeks!! We will keep you updated!!

It’s a heartbreaking story. A Hamburg couple is looking for help as they raise money to buy special glasses so their legally blind son – 8-year-old Aiden Bishop – can see. Christopher took his plea to Facebook in order to help his son.

Christopher  just wants to help his boy, “My son Aiden was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. His optic nerves are smaller and more narrow than those with normal sight. He lacks the core vision you and I use every day to navigate the world and watch our favorite television shows. He walks with a cane and spends a large majority of his school day working on his studies that have been converted to braille so he can read them. He can see somethings if he brings them incredibly close to his face and uses his peripheral vision.”



Now, there is hope – a pair of glasses that can help Aiden to see! The glasses are nearly $10,000.  Yes, $10,000. “A few weeks ago my wife discovered eSight. She brought it to my attention and we both agreed we had to try it out, Aiden deserved that much. We planned a trip to Toronto which is the home of the eSight main office. It changed all of our lives in a moment. The whole experience was incredible to say the least. Everyone watches videos of the people who see or hear for the first time online and begin to swell with emotion. Let me be the first to tell you that to experience it first hand, it’s an unreal feeling. It’s so hard to describe but if I had to try, it’s the most uplifting moment you could have and at the very same time the most saddening. It really hits you everywhere at once. The second the joy hit me and my eyes began to fill with tears I got hit with a flood of memories of his life this far and how everyone of those experiences could have been different for this sweet well-mannered gentleman I’ve raised if he just had this technology sooner.”

Christopher tells me they were hopeful but careful, “We didnt tell Aiden until the night before that we were going to travel to try them, in fact he had no idea the glasses existed until that moment. We didnt want his hopes to get too high just in case they didnt work. When he said I see my parents I melted into that chair. ”


Aiden calls the experience – simply incredible, “My family is always looking for ways to help me better and we came across eSight. We decided to take the trip to Toronto to try them out, with fingers crossed that they would work for me. My eSight experience was amazing, I saw what it was like to see like a normal person.”



But they can’t do it alone. They need help, “Would you be willing to make a donation in Aiden’s name and help us raise the money to get him his very own pair of eSight glasses? It would mean the world to all of us and could change every experience this little guy has for the rest of his life.”

Here is a link if you would like to help Aiden.


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