Hamburg Family of 8 in Need of Help After Fire Destroys Their Home & Belongings

August 8, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

The Kelley family lost everything last weekend. Their home. Their belongings. Their sense of security.

Now, friends are coming together to help the family of 8 to get some basic needs taken care of.

Fire ripped through the Blasdell home Sunday night and thankfully, Danielle and Leroy Kelley and their six children are okay. But, they are left with only the clothes they were wearing and nothing else.

Here’s what is needed:

Clothing for boys: 7-year-old size 7-8 pants and medium shirts, Twin 9-year-olds size 8 pants and medium shirts, 12-year-old size 32 pants and large shirts.

Clothing for girls:  14-year-old size 10 pants and large shirts, 17-year-old size 16 pants and size large shirts.

Clothing for mom: Size 12 pants and large shirts.

Clothing for dad: Size 40 pants and 1X shirts.

Items (including gift cards) can be dropped off Danielle’s sister’s home at 142 Miriam Avenue, Blasdell

They will also need household supplies and furniture.

If you  have any questions, you can message Karen Toomey on Facebook. 


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