Hands Healing Heroes – Free Chiropractic Treatment to Veterans in Need & A Huge FREE Appreciation Day to ALL!

August 24, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Dr. Kristin Jacobsen was running in a half marathon a few years back when the pace runner called out, “Be sure to thank your veterans serving you today.” The statement bothered her, “I was shocked; these men and women who have sacrificed so much for us already in signing on to defend and serve our country, risking everything, are here handing us water?”

It was more than that. It was about the idea of thanking them once or twice a year – not nearly enough.

She decided to do something about it; making it her mission to help and thank veterans – every day. Hands Healing Heroes was born. It’s a way, says Dr. Jacobsen, to make a difference, “Our goal is to make this a giving back to heroes campaign for those who rightfully deserve it and create a national shift in mindset. We hope as many people as possible copy this idea, no matter the profession. If you don’t have a business yourself, offer to make a supper, mow a lawn, paint a child’s room, give them a gift card to the supermarket … anything, even if just a sincere “thank you” with a handshake.”

Dr. Jacobsen, for her part, offers free chiropractic care to those veterans in need,”As long as I am blessed to stand behind Family Chiropractic, any veteran injured in combat while in active duty will receive their care on me,” Dr. Jacobsen said, “I don’t want their insurance. I don’t want their copay. If I have to open extra hours on Saturdays, that sacrifice is nothing in comparison to those each of our heroes has made, and one I feel honored to make.”

Now, Family Chiropractic is doing even more. They’re holding a veteran appreciation day to thank all of the heroes who made it their mission to defend and protect this nation. It’s more than just a thank you.

Veteran Appreciation Day! 

WHEN: Saturday, September 29th from noon to 4 p.m.

WHERE: John A. Juke Center, 1201 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls

WHAT: Live music and free food to veterans and their families. FREE for all veterans. Entrance gifts: Haircut, massage, one sheet of basket auction tickets.


To make a monetary or basket donation – call Cheryl at 282-1953.

For information: Dr. Jacobsen at Family Chiropractic – 282-2225 or visit drkristinwellness.com

(Family Chiropractic: 2230 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls)


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