GoFundMe Started for Teen Battling Cancer After Broken Leg Keeps Her From Taylor Swift Concert

August 4, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Update: Unfortunately, Stella just couldn’t make it to the concert. Her mom took her to Sick Kids Hospital. We are sending prayers that it is nothing too serious and the pain can end and healing can begin. But it is heartbreaking. 

Now – it’s time to get Stella a redo. There are concerts in Pittsburgh and then Atlanta and in a few weeks Nashville. Jen Pilarski Usiak will let us know what works and then we are on a mission to get her VIP! #doitforStella #cancersucks #wehatecancer #weloveStella – So we’ve started a GoFundMe to raise money to send Stella and her mom to another concert on the tour – there are only a few optioins so we have to work fast. Please help if you can. 



If you know Stella Usiak, you know she is Taylor Swift’s biggest fan. She’s been a fan for years!

Stella has been battling cancer since 2011. For half of her life, she’s been fighting the beast that has taken far too much away from her and her family. One thing that always makes Stella feel better is the music of her idol, Taylor Swift.

Stella has been looking forward to Saturday night’s concert at Rogers Centre in Toronto. Her mom, Jen posted some pictures as they wait for Stella’s big night.



But, something horrible happened. Something unfair and awful. And we need your help.

As Stella was getting ready for the big show – in her hotel room – she broke her leg. Mind you, her bones are brittle from the cancer treatment. It’s an unbelievable turn of events. This is what Jen posted on Facebook:

Stella was on the toilet and from across the hotel room I hear a SNAP! She broke her leg! There’s not even a question “if”… she can’t move it without huge amounts of pain and she’s been given all her pain meds before this happened.
Stella’s crying in our hotel across the street from the Rogers Center and so am I.

I’ve been texting with them and Stella is absolutely heartbroken.

This sweet girl who was so excited is now sitting in her hotel room crying and her mother is hoping someone out there can help. Do you have any connection to radio stations? The Rogers Centre? Taylor Swift? ANYTHING?

Both Stella and Jen are absolutely devastated and my heart breaks for them. PLEASE think – do you know anyone who can help? PLEASE

We have started a Gofundme to help raise money to send Stella and her family to another show once Stella is feeling better. There are only a few left. Please help if you can. All money will help send them to the show and pay for travel and hotel.



Community Comes Together to Raise Sweet Stella’s Spirits By Raising Money & Building a Ramp at Her Home!


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