Here’s the scoop on Main Street Ice Cream

April 6, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Our Totally The Best Contest was a blast! More than 4000 folks took the time to take our poll. It turns out, folks are pretty passionate about “their” ice cream shop! And the truth is, we were only going to write a feature about our winner – Amsdell Ice Cream – but, we were just so impressed with our top three that we decided to write about all of them. We wanted to share what makes these small, community, locally owned businesses so special.



So, here’s the scoop on Main Street Ice Cream from owners, Denise & Randy Fenton.

The family owned shop opened in 2009. They started making their own ice cream three years ago, “We do some classic flavors and then we use our imagination and experiment to make up others. We usually have about 20 different hard scoop ice creams and also 6 different soft serve flavors, including dairy free and gluten free options.”

We wondered with so many options – what the most popular flavors are, “Chocolate lovers they love our Brownie Mudslide Ice Cream, for the ones that want something lighter we have a wonderful Key Lime Pie Ice Cream that we use real limes when we make it. For the bold they love our Your So Bold Coffee. For kids and adults they love our Cookie Monster Ice Cream.”


Denise and Randy feel it’s very important to support the other businesses in their community, We feel all businesses should help support each other. If the surrounding businesses are strong it will also help your business. We always push to shop local, these are our neighbors and friends, we want to see them be successful. The pace retail shops are closing up and the cost of products and wages continually going up we all really need to help each other and help the mom and pop shops stay alive. It does no one any good to have empty store fronts.”

One thing is clear, the Fentons sure love what they do! It’s a sweet business that brings happiness to each and every customer!


Stop by and show some love to this cool business! Main Street Ice Cream, 35 Main Street, Hamburg


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