If you haven’t had Shish Kabob Heaven barbecue — you haven’t had barbecue

November 12, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani
For Hyman Brown – barbecue is a state of mind; a way of life. He started grilling when he was about 12-years-old and has been perfecting it all ever since. Shish Kabob Heaven – he says it’s the best bbq this side of Heaven and he gets around with his food; taking it to fairs, festivals, shows, and more.
Now, this single dad is hoping to buy a BBQ trailer that can stay in one place – or move around, “It is important for me to open my own place because it’s been a dream of mine since i really got serious about BBQ and to be able to satisfy my customers’ need for great BBQ every day.”
Hyman loves this city and its people. He gives to charity, helps others when he can and teaches his young children the importance of giving back to a community you love. This time, it’s Hyman who’s hoping for a little help. He’s started a fundraiser and is offering a pledge of sorts. If you pledge a certain amount of money – you get free dinners. For a $100 donation, you get 12 free dinners, $250 and you get 30 free dinners.  It’s a neat idea because you are getting something for your donation. Hyman wants to buy a trailer that he can leave parked or take on the road – with the funds collected. It really is a win-win. You’re getting incredible food – but, you’re also getting an opportunity to help someone find their dream. That’s pretty cool.
Hyman and his team worked at our first annual Totally Buffalo Festival. They sold out of their bbq within just a few hours. They are hard working, wonderful people and that’s why when he told me about this- I knew I just had to help him spread the word.
He has food like – a stuffed burger, baby back ribs that melt in your mouth and chicken kabob that you can’t help but love.

Check out Shish Kabob Heaven on their FB PAGE.  You can find out more about how to make a pledge!


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