If you think YOU liked the Sanborn Sunflower Field – wait until you hear about Jess and Patrick

September 13, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani


Jess Andrews knew one thing – she wanted to take  a trip to see all those gorgeous sunflowers everyone was taking about; the ones in all those beautiful pictures in their news feeds.

She planted the seed with her boyfriend, Patrick and waited until they both had time to head to Sanborn to see what all the fuss was about.

Then one day, it happened.

September 2nd to be exact.

“On Saturday morning, I was cleaning and running errands. Patrick asked if I would like to go see the sunflower field,” Jess recalls, “I was super excited and picked out my marigold blazer to match the sunflowers (and look nice for pictures)! We drove there and I was in awe of how gorgeous it was. The weather was perfect- bright and sunny, but not too warm.”

The sunflowers were in full bloom.

And love was in the air.

The couple walked around the stunning sunflower field and found a little clearing – Jess remembers every second of the next few minutes, “It was there that Patrick pulled out a list that had come to be an inside joke in our 2 1/2 year relationship! When Patrick was 14, he created a list of things to do before 35. The first item on the list was, “marry a pretty women.” It was supposed to say woman, and it always made me laugh so hard. Patrick says he loves when I laugh, ha. He pulled out the list and said he had accomplished many of the things on it, except for 1 big thing- to marry a pretty woman.”

I know, romantic. And beautiful.

And – there’s more.

” He got down on one knee and presented me with the most gorgeous pearl ring! I was in SHOCK. I had no idea he was going to do it. I’ve always wanted a pearl ring- pearls are my favorite. After I came out of the initial shock, I hugged Patrick and cried.”

And said yes.

That is an awesome and fairytale-esque story that would be just perfect if it ended there. But, there’s more.

Jess continues,

“A young man named Ben came up to us and told us he had a feeling we were getting engaged! He had snapped the beautiful pictures to gift to us. He was visiting the fields all the way from Florida with his family to escape Irma. We are SO grateful that he was there to capture the moment.”

Right time. Right place. Incredible.

Jess will, of course, always remember that moment. In that field. With those magnificent sunflowers. She’ll remember too, the kind stranger who snapped those pictures that will no doubt be displayed around their home someday.

Jess and Patrick are also incredibly grateful to Chad and Louise Brachmann from Danielewicz Farm for planting the flowers, “I am forever thankful to the couple who planted this field. I read that it was planted to celebrate the life of their late parents.”

Yep, that’s true. And that celebration of Flevie and Jean Danielewicz continues.

Through all of those posts. And pictures. And stories. And people.

Like Jess and Patrick , who say they will absolutely include sunflowers in their Fall 2018 wedding.





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    What a beautiful story.. Made me cry, there is still hope and good stories in our world.. Heartwarming~~~

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    Once upon a time in a school not so far away, a little girl sat at a desk in my first grade classroom. She had a brilliant smile and sparkling eyes. She also had a kind heart and a sensitive soul. Over the years I have watched that little girl grow into a beautiful ‘women’ and have come to this moment in time. Jess, I’m so happy for you and hope that the years ahead will bring you abundant reasons to let that brilliant smile, smile- and those sparkling eyes light up your world. Congratulations to you both, and to Mary for this touching story.xoxoxo


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