It’s the best news ever – as baby Carson rings the victory bell – and boy did he ring it!!!!

January 8, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

He’s not exactly a baby anymore – but we will always think of him as one, anyway!

We’ve told you about baby Carson in the past. Carson Barnhart is ADORABLE and he is one tough cookie! The little guy was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 5 months old; congenital glioblastoma, which is extremely rare in infants. So rare – there are about 20 diagnosed each year in the U.S.



It meant a long, draining time of treatment, procedures and chemotherapy.

His body fought hard – his spirit never wavered and his family stood ever-so-proudly by his side. They were one – all Carson Strong!

We celebrated last year as Carson finished his last day of chemotherapy and how he walked out of Roswell like a boss!

Now, even better news.

His mediport was removed on Tuesday. After 7 surgeries, 10 rounds of chemotherapy, 42 days in the hospital, and 71 clinic visits, this adorable little guy rang the bell at Roswell on Tuesday afternoon. He rang and rang that bell. He didn’t want to stop. His family – right there by his side!! His mom, Kelly called it an “indescribable day.”


We will always pray for you, buddy!!! We are all Carson Strong!! You are now and always will be our little superhero!!!!




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