Kaleida Health is offering antibody testing for COVID-19 for its 10,000 plus employees

April 30, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

The health system is now offering voluntary antibody testing for COVID-19 to its 10,000+ employees.

The antibody blood test detects the presence of antibodies in the blood, proteins that help fight off infection in the body and indicators of a previous COVID-19 infection. A positive test suggests exposure to COVID-19 at some point in the past and that the immune system was robust enough to launch an antibody-forming immune response.

“Since day one, we have been committed to the health and wellness of our workforce during this public health crisis,” said Jody Lomeo, president and CEO of Kaleida Health. “Antibody testing will give us a better understanding of who in the workforce has some immunity to COVID-19, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to help us defeat this virus.”

In conjunction with Kaleida Health’s system-wide and community-wide COVID-19 testing programs already in place, the newest antibody testing expansion will offer even more robust results to help determine how prevalent the disease is in our communities, slow the spread of infection and keep people safe. Expanded testing offers valuable information, as antibody test results are one of three key metrics in Governor Cuomo’s phased re-opening plan. The other two include reduction in the hospitalization rate for COVID-19 and reduction in the infection rates of COVID-19.

Testing is being offered on an appointment-only basis through a dedicated employee hotline and website.


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