Les Misérables – the emotion, the music, the incredible sets and the enormous and talented cast!

December 11, 2019

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

First of all – I can’t believe that I had NEVER seen “Les Misérables”. How can that be??

I can tell you – it was worth the wait.

“Les Misérables” has all the qualities of a true Broadway hit.

The emotion. The music. The incredible – and complicated – sets. The enormous and enormously talented cast.

It has it all. Which might explain why it runs about three solid hours.

The musical whisks you through the evening with nearly nonstop music. The special effects are breathtaking. Cameron Mackintosh’s production brings 19th century France to life with a combination of incredible wooden sets for the villages, barricades and Paris tenements, and smoke-and-projections for scenes in the sewers – all of which make you feel like you are right there in the thick of it.

The story line follows the lives and interactions of several characters, particularly the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his search for redemption. The story examines the nature of law and grace. It covers romance, family drama, war, politics, religion, justice, love and loss. Oh – the loss.

Patrick Dunn as Jean Valjean, showcases powerhouse lungs and draws you in – song after song. But this is truly an all-out ensemble. The entire cast – of about 50 – is just spectacular. I especially enjoyed watching the amazing children perform on stage.

One of the longest-running productions on Broadway – “Les Misérables” will leave you wanting more – and those who don’t see it might be left les miserable.

The show runs at Shea’s Performing Arts Center through Sunday, December 15th. You can get tickets at Sheas.org



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