Leukemia Warrior, Stella Usiak, is in ICU – waiting for COVID test results – after respiratory failure. She needs our PRAYERS!

April 8, 2020

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

It’s just unbelievable how much this family has faced and continued to face.

Our friend, Stella Usiak is once again in the fight of her life. Stella was admitted to Oishei Children’s Hospital after her breathing worsened. Jen Usiak is at the hospital with her daughter and is asking for prayers.

“Stella is in ICU again at Oishei. Yesterday she walked from bathroom to bed and her breathing was worse, I did a pulse ox level and her oxygen was 72% and heart rate was 146. Today we didn’t expect to go to Roswell but her X-ray of her lungs looked like garbage. Not as bad as 2/8/20 when she went in Respiratory Failure. But bad. She is negative for flu and RSV, waiting for COVID19. I can’t leave her ICU room and it’s killing her dad he can’t come see her at least until Thursday night. Then only one of us at a time. Stella’s currently on 5 liters of oxygen and never been on more than 2 liters before. She’s only able to get a 91% oxygen level at 5 liters. Stella is mad but Stella is where she needs to be and safe. Prayers needed please.”

Please pray for Stella. We sure are.

We love you, Stella!











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