Local photographer captures moments in her community during the Coronavirus crisis – and it’s all about family!

March 25, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

During these unprecedented times, it can be hard to remain hopeful. BUT – it is essential! For many of us, being stuck in the house is frustrating, annoying and we’re reaching the end of our rope!

A local photographer took to her Tonawanda neighborhood and beyond – at a safe distance and following all social distancing guidelines – and captured moments in time that can really serve as a reminder of that truly matters – family.

The photos, many showing families on their porch, will be quite a memory to look back on someday.

For Jessica Popovich – taking these photos was an extraordinary experience. “There are photographers all over the country doing these in place of real sessions so they could continue to make $$. I am a nerdy rule follower and I couldn’t be on board with that. But I love the idea and photos! That in combination with reading about street photography and seeing our local community page post old photographs from our tiny city- I was inspired! I also don’t do well with so much “free time” or lack of structure.”

Jessica said everyone was super excited to take part and she may go out again today!!!

“I am so close with many in our city- relatives/friends/clients I sent out some messages at 11 am and by 1:30 pm I set out on my way! 25 porches!”

Jessica stuck close to home – only going within about four square miles in her community!!


You’ll find photos that show the emptiness of this time.


A different type of birthday celebration…


Pictures of those essential workers.




And many families all in the same boat!

Simply amazing!!!

Check out these incredible photos taken by Jessica Popovich Photography!





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