Local rescue group needs help to get Rocket the life-saving surgery he needs

February 16, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Rocket is a one year old Black and Tan Chihuahua that was brought to a vet for severe, life threatening dog bite wounds. He was horrifically attacked by a large dog and has wounds to his shoulder, neck and face. Despite being given options, the family declined any veterinary intervention. Rocket was surrendered. Now, Pixie Mamas Rescue is looking to get Rocket the surgery he needs.

Rocket has a severe fracture of the roof of the mouth (maxilla). At this point, he needs part of the bone to be removed.
There are several issues/complications with the surgery:
– May require more than one surgery
– May not work
– Can cause cosmetic issues such as a droopy face/eye
– If it works, could fail with time

The surgery is needed because, as of right now, you can see his nasal passages from the roof of the mouth. This can cause aspiration pneumonia as the food can go up in the nasal passages and the lungs.

Pixie Mamas Rescue wants to help, “Before a decision to euthanize him has been made, the shelter wanted to reach out to Pixie Mamas for help. WE REALLY WANT TO HELP HIM! He is only a year old! What we need from you all……DONATIONS! His surgery and after care will run $3,000-$4,000 dollars. We cannot responsibly take this dog into our care unless we can fundraise for his surgery. We think he deserves a chance at a happy life. To know love and to feel safe. We know it is asking a lot but we also know we live in a wonderful community. A community who loves animals and who shares the same passion we do. What do you say? Team Rocket?????”

If you can even spare one dollar each, we have enough followers to pay for his surgery and then some. The link to donate is https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/2025203



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