Logan the Ninja Warrior! This kid is AMAZING!!

May 4, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

Just when you think you are as impressed and inspired by someone as you possibly can be – they take it up another notch!

Let me tell you about a kid who is a force, a little guy who makes a HUGE impression. A boy who, despite any challenges or obstacles, does not give up.

I’ve been following Logan Becker’s story for about 7 years now. I did a story with him when I worked as a reporter for Channel 2. I was amazed then. Even more now.

Look at this kid!

Logan is training at the Hybrid Ninja Academy with Patrick, who was on season 5 and 6 of American Ninja Warrior! His mother, Linda says her boy is beyond thrilled, “I have never seen him so excited about an activity before (besides playing with his friends lol)!! This is going to totally help him gain the confidence in himself that he is lacking, and I feel so blessed he has the opportunity to do this.”

It’s not surprising.

Let me tell you a bit about Logan Becker.

Logan was born without his left hip, left leg and left kidney.


But it has never held him back. Seriously, this kid does everything and anything you can think of!

Linda told me just how amazing her son is, “He is a very determined little boy. He is very active. He takes swim lessons and is a great swimmer, he has been playing sled hockey for 3 years with the Buffalo Sabres Junior sled hockey team, he likes to jump on the trampoline, he has two good friends in the neighborhood and is back and forth between their houses.”

I know. Incredible. But that’s not all. Logan loves basketball

volleyball, archery, kayaking,


and any other amazingly fun thing there is.

He is very inquisitive and wants to know everything about everyone. That is totally my kind of kid!!!

Of course, there are many challenges the little guy faces. But, here’s the thing; he takes each one head on.

Over the years, he’s continued his trek to Shriner’s Hospital and Green Prosthetics in Erie, Pennsylvania and currently has his 7th leg.

Logan, his big brother Trevor and their mom and dad do everything any other family does. They find time for vacations and fun. Not much gets in the way – for Logan, life is one big adventure.

Of course, Logan wouldn’t have the drive, spirit, and motivation he does, without an incredible support system; without his parents who are always by his side. Without his awesome big brother, Trevor!!

This is a team. In it to win it – and they are doing just that.

Logan is one of those kids who just will continue to inspire others. He’ll continue to remind us not to worry about the small, dumb things that don’t even matter.

He will continue to show us that if we believe, we can achieve.

He will keep on teaching us that strength and determination come from within. That’s where it is. You just have to dig down sometimes – it’s there.

I am so grateful that I met Logan and his family six years ago. Even more grateful today – knowing he is doing so great.

Making music.

Making memories.

And making an impact!

Now, taking it a step


A swing.

And a climb – further.


Going beyond. He just keeps going beyond. He is a true Ninja Warrior!!

Way to go, buddy. Way to go!!!!!





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