Making the Future of the Franchise Look Good

August 8, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

When number 17 looks good ON the field – you can credit his hard work, coaches and innate talent.

Photo – CBS Sports

When he looks good OFF the field – you can credit this guy – Barber extraordinaire, Jesse Ciffa.

For nearly a year now – he’s been cutting the hair on the head of the Buffalo Bills franchise quarterback hopeful, Josh Allen.  Does Jesse feel pressure?

“I felt a little bit of pressure the first 5 minutes into his first haircut with me, but after that it was just like chilling and cutting one of the boys. He’s very down to earth.”


Do they talk football? Yes. And no.

“At his first cut with me we did for sure (naturally). Since then it definitely comes up from time to time, but I try to make it a point not to talk about it often, I’m sure he gets enough of that every other day.”

Eight or ten perfectly coiffed cuts over the past year – always pretty much the same. This QB goes conservative like a ground game rather than going long. You could say – he likes the fade pattern.


“His style is a simple style, but I wouldn’t call his cut a simple haircut. It is very specific to his head shape.”

The truth is – celebrity cuts aren’t new to this stylist. The 24-year-old is a master barber and takes it very seriously!

“I cut a few more guys from the bills currently, and used to cut a couple guys from the Sabres. I have a very good client who is a strength and conditioning coach, and he has referred about 10–12 players to me. Started with my dude Richie Incognito!”


Jesse says – he loves the team … “Yes I am a bills fan. Nothing too crazy, I’m not at any tailgates getting slammed through tables, but I attend a couple games a season, and watch the rest of them at my grandparents house; very big football family.”

We already knew this – but Jesse confirms:

“Really nice dude. Respectful and not shy. Nothing but good things to say about Josh. Easy to see his potential as a leader.”

I know you’re wondering about that tip!

“For the sake of barber client confidentiality I cannot disclose that. But I will say all of my clients tip well, athletes and non athletes.”


Jesse is an unrestricted free agent – if you’d like to draft him for your crew (cut) here are a few ways to make an appointment.

You can shoot him a message on Instagram (@Barber.Chief) , or call Jonny the Barber at 716-389-0192. They have a total of 6 guys cutting at their shop – Jesse says they’re all hitters (aka very skilled barbers).  🙂

I don’t know about you – but I love the fact that this 24-year old is a master barber – doing what he loves and making others look their best! Way to go, Jesse.


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