Man Finds Wedding Band in the Niagara Gorge and Hopes to Get it Back to the Person it Belongs to – Can you help??

May 30, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani


Brian Richardson found a wedding band while working on the Niagara Falls gorge and now he’s hoping to get it back to the person it belongs to.  Here is Brian’s post:

“I need your help! While working on the Niagara Falls Gorge today I stumbled upon someone’s wedding ring. Engraved on the inside are the initials A R O to E F Z . I know the chances are very slim, but please help me get this back to the rightful owner!!”

There is a date inside the ring, but Brian doesn’t want to share that until he gets a serious inquiry!




Here is the post and way to contact Brian!




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    I know he doesn’t want to share the date so it can be used for identification purposes, BUT, if you did share the date, some online sleuth could search for wedding dates and tie it to intials and increase the chances of finding the owner. EFZ doesn’t sound like that common of initials to me.

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    The 1950’s – he said elsewhere

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    Elsewhere, he said 1950’s

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