Marilla Fire Chief calls out Town Supervisor – says he’s putting citizens at risk

February 17, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

A battle certainly seems to be brewing in the town of Marilla.

A Facebook post on the Marilla Fire Company’s page says a personal vendetta could put citizens at risk.

Here is the post, 

“Once again the Marilla town supervisor in his ongoing personal vendetta with the Marilla Fire company is putting ALL citizens of The Town of Marilla at risk. The fire Company received a certified letter this morning stating he has canceled the fire company’s workers compensation policy. In the short term we have advised our mutual aid fire companies and our members that if they respond to our emergency calls it will be at their own risk . If the town is unable to provide us with a contract and workers compensation coverage this week the fire company will be forced to discontinue service. Our town supervisor is putting our volunteers and their families lives in jeopardy and behavior like this is unacceptable . If you care about your local volunteers, or are concerned about your Fire Protection or emergency services being in question we urge you to contact your representatives in Town, County or State Governments.”

Chief William Blarr
Marilla Fire Company

This comes after a letter, written by the Town Supervisor stated the worker’s compensation coverage was void.


We do have an email out to the Town Supervisor, but haven’t heard back just yet.


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