NBC’s Meet the Press remembers Buffalo’s own Tim Russert during anniversary show.

November 5, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

He was a legend. Known as a fair journalist – Tim Russert set the bar for many of us who just wanted to get it right.

The journalistic giant was remembered Sunday morning as NBC’s Meet the Press as they celebrated 70 years of broadcasting.

As part of the celebration, the round table talked politics (of course), time and Buffalo’s Favorite son, Tim Russert.


Russert was, of course, a force on Meet the Press – bringing his intelligence, unique style and big ratings to the show.

Tom Brokaw, NBC’s Special Correspondent- and great friend to Russert, wore a special tie for his late friend.

The tie, as Brokaw put it – represents the lovable journalist and his love for life.



The tie has Russert’s initials, the Capitol Building, fish to represent Russert’s love of the sport – and of course a Buffalo and football to represent an insatiable love of the Buffalo Bills.

Tim Russert was always Buffalo’s best ambassador – I always felt lucky to have met him several times and talked with him about Buffalo and politics. He was the nicest man – and is surely missed – more than ever now.



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    Can this tie be purchased somewhere?

  2. Mary Friona

    I think it was just something Brokaw had made for himself. Cool though…

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    If you find out where to get one of these ties, will you let me know too? and vice versa!

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