OMG: Check out this ICE BAR in Hamburg! Hoak’s is looking mighty frozen right about now!

February 29, 2020

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Mary Friona Celani

Check out these incredible photos taken by Kevin Hoak!

The photos taken this week at Hoak’s Lakeshore Seafood Restaurant look like something out of a movie! The built up ice has engulfed the building which sits beautifully along the shore of Lake Erie. It’s the exact spot where the waves meet the winds. And when the temps dip as low as they have – this is what happens.


Even the patio – which is simply glorious on a summer evening – is frozen over like the tundra!


Crazy, right!?

Not shocking though. It’s that intersection along Lake Shore Road where the winds whip up along the shore just as the waves come crashing in. Back in the day when I was a morning reporter for Channel 2 – that was our go-to spot for live television!

Bad weather – head to Hoak’s. Winds? Head to Hoak’s. Frozen rain… snow storm … blizzard… head to Hoak’s.

It’s an awesome view of Mother Nature’s fury – and boy is it beautiful!!!


Photos: Kevin Hoak


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