Rescue aftermath pics show compassionate firefighter holding dog

February 23, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

When we heard about this story, we just had to share it and the pictures to go along with it. Members of the Niagara Falls Fire Department and AMR Ambulance responded to a report of a man who’d jumped into the river at 53rd Street and Buffalo Avenue.  The man jumped in to rescue his dog.

He was able to get the dog out and apparently into a tire hanging on the side of a dock. Niagara Falls firefighters then rescued the small dog from the tire.

The man was evaluated at the scene and is fine. The dog is also doing fine, thanks to the quick thinking of his owner and the firefighters of the Niagara Falls Fire Department.

The pictures really tell quite a story, which is why we wanted to share them with you. Credit for the pictures goes to RobShots.

Great work by all involved.


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