Rival lawmakers wage bet over community football game! Now THIS is a political fight we can get behind!

October 14, 2019

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Mary Friona Celani

Here is one political fight we can totally get behind!!!

The City of Tonawanda Common Council President, Jenna Koch and Alderman at Large, Austin Tylec have teamed up and agreed to a friendly wager in support of their hometown teams.

The rivalry between Tonawanda and North Tonawanda can be traced back more than 100 years ago. This week, both schools will participate in Spirit week in preparation for the long anticipated T-NT game.

City of Tonawanda Common Council President, Jenna Koch and Alderman at Large, Austin Tylec; both life-long residents in their respected communities have predictions on the outcome of the Tonawanda versus North Tonawanda game. It’s no surprise that they are supporting their hometown teams. “The Warriors are on fire this year. They are playoff bound and will put up a good fight against NT. We will come out on top,” said Koch. Tylec begs to differ with Koch. “NT has the home field advantage and will prevail at the TNT game. Our fans are loud and proud,” said Tylec.

Both Koch and Tylec, political friends on opposite sides of the canal decided to show their Warrior Pride and Lumberjack Loyalty by agreeing to a friendly wager. Koch and Tylec explain that if Tonawanda wins, Alderman at Large will wear a Tonawanda Warriors hat at his next Council Meeting. In turn, if North Tonawanda is victorious, Koch will sport a North Tonawanda lumberjack hat at her next meeting.

There are a few certain winners in this is including; Roswell Park Breast Cancer Center. In support of breast cancer awareness, the pair will each donate the combined score to the Roswell Park Breast Cancer Center.

An added bonus includes an organized clean-up day in the winning municipality. If the Warriors prevail, Alderman Tylec will organize a clean-up event in the City of Tonawanda. If the Lumberjacks are victorious; Koch will organize a clean-up event in North Tonawanda.

The pair both agree that this long-standing tradition helps bring both cities together while promoting good sportsmanship among the Tonawandas.
Tonawanda and North Tonawanda will kick off Friday night at North Tonawanda High School.

Good luck to BOTH sides!


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