Scott Levin is heading back to Channel 2! Here’s why…

August 10, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

I’m not going to brag or anything, but I pretty much knew this would happen! I’ve known Scott for 20 years!

Three months after saying adios to viewers, Scott Levin is heading back to his anchor chair.

Journalism can run pretty deep in your bones. There’s just no doubt about it. The work you’re doing can and does make a difference in the community. No doubt about that, either. And sometimes, when you think you’re done, your heart gives you a nudge; not so fast.

That seems to be what happened to Scott. He took a risk, and followed his heart.  He was hoping to spend more time with his wife and daughters.  But, lets face it, that’s tough these days regardless of your career path. And the truth is – he missed the work.

So, he’s going back. I guess the folks at WGRZ had a feeling, which might explain why they didn’t rush to fill his seat.  They had the best of both worlds – a great fill in with Adam Benigni while leaving open the possibility of a Levin comeback.

Scott told me he just knew he had to follow his heart.  He said the recent tornado made him miss breaking news and all that comes with it. He told me he just knew, “Never say never… always listen to God and his cues. Life is short!!!”

It sure is.

I’m a firm believer in following your heart; that’s what got me here. To this blog. To being a work-from-home-mom.

I’m happy for Scott and his family.  Happy that WGRZ has made it possible for Scott to have the best of both worlds; his job and more flexibility and time off to spend with his beautiful family.

(Photo credit: WGRZ)


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    That is really great news, Mary. I’m glad Scott is returning, and that he found out how much broadcasting means to him. He brings honesty, trust and compassion to his newscasts. He is not ashamed to let it be known that he loves God and that he loves his family. I’m sure West Herr will miss him, but, Channel 2 viewers have missed him more !

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    I’m happy to hear Scott will be returning… I love channel 2 News for so many reason , mostly because they take care of each other.. I must say Adam has done a great job while Scott was gone.. I love the entire team.. Welcome back…

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    Where is Scott now.I thought he was coming back by Sept. 1.

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    Welcome back, Scott Levin!!!

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    So happy to have Scott back. Love channel 2 news team, best on the air.

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    Where is Adam Beninigo? Has he been dismissed since Levin is back. We miss his timely reporting!

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    Changing to channel 4 now, since levin is back, liked adam better, had a big production when he was leaving, and NOW he’s back. Omg!!!


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