Scott Levin will be back in his anchor chair next week

September 8, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

He was there.

Then he left.

Now, he’s coming back.

Scott Levin announced back in March that he was leaving Channel Two News – after nearly two decades – to pursue a career with West Herr Automotive Group.

After three months – Scott decided he missed that anchor chair. He said he followed his heart and listened to God – and decided his place was, in fact, behind the desk at WGRZ.

It’s not all that surprising; journalism can run pretty deep in your bones. There’s just no doubt about it. The work you’re doing can and does make a difference in the community. No doubt about that, either. And sometimes, when you think you’re done, your heart gives you a nudge; not so fast.  That is just what seems to have happened with Scott.

Fortunate for Scott,  WGRZ never filled his position. They had Adam Benigni sitting in; a likely replacement but nothing finalized, nothing ever settled.

Scott told me he returned to the newsroom earlier this week and will be back on air next week, “I’m back… but back in the chair Monday at 5! Feels good to be back too!”

So there you go – Monday at 5 p.m. – Channel Two’s new – old- anchor will be back.





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    GREAT to see Scott back in the chair… he does belong in the public eye and represents Buffalo and surrounding very well!
    Welcome back Scott Levin ‘;-)

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