Small Business Owners Buy Boy Bike Trailer After His Was Taken

June 28, 2018

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Mary Friona Celani

We’ve told you about the generous folks at Super Clips before after they helped a homeless man by buying him new clothes and shoes and cutting his hair.

Well, they are back at it – doing good in their community.

We told you Wednesday about a boy’s bike trailer being stolen. He was just out to  make some money by cutting lawns and was quickly put out of business with the loss of his trailer.

In steps Super Clips. They’ve replaced his trailer! How awesome is that! Here’s what they said,

“A little background, for those who don’t know, our friend Anthony’s bike trailer was stolen today. A scraper took it because the man he trusted to modify his homemade trailer put it to the side of the road for trash ? so we got him a whole new set up. This is the most hard working kid we know. He cuts our grass & does a great job! I was very sad to hear about someone stealing this boys means to make money for himself. We were honored to get him back in business !”

The boy’s mom was very grateful – posting this, “Thank you to the most amazing and giving people u could ever meet thank you Samantha and Jason for making our son’s day, God Bless!”


We are honored to share your story! What amazing community members!


Bike trailer, built for child to earn money, was stolen in Niagara Falls


AMAZING: Business owner helps homeless man. She cleaned him up, cut his hair & bought him new clothes!


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  1. Avatar

    I love your blog!
    A friend of mine posted the picture of the “loss of a child sculpture” which made me start balling, and I can’t stop reading.
    Thank you for sharing❤️
    Julie in Seattle

  2. Mary Friona

    Thank you!! My best friend lives in Seattle. Great city!!!!!!

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