So – apparently Shark Girl is offensive. What do you think…

August 25, 2017

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Mary Friona Celani

Soooo… my husband showed me this  petition going around on  A petition to get rid of the Shark Girl statue that calls Canalside home.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s real or more sarcastic. I’m pretty sure it’s not really an effort to take her down.

Those who started the petition say the statue is offensive and insensitive to victims of shark attacks.

The folks at Albright Knox  are responsible for the statue which creates quite a stir along the water – and is the target of countless selfies. It seemed like everyone loved the sweet statue.

This is how the museum describes the statue:

“Shark Girl is the absurd, hilarious, and bittersweet creation of artist Casey Riordan Millard. While Shark Girlmight appear sorrowful or lonely, there is also a comic element to this “fish out of water.” In Millard’s first public sculpture, Shark Girl patiently waits, legs daintily crossed, hands folded, for a companion to join her.

Appearing in nearly all of Millard’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures, Shark Girl was originally conceived as the artist reflected upon the existential conundrums of life, love, family, and loss. Shark Girl can be seen as Millard’s diversionary tactic or as her mechanism for confronting the challenges of contemporary life.

Shark Girl’s yearnings and desires for normalcy and acceptance trigger equal parts laughter and empathy. The boulder upon which she sits gives viewers an opportunity to bring the work to life by taking a seat and initiating a friendship—or taking a photo—with this bizarre half-shark, half-girl.”

So far the petition has a mere 33 signatures.

What do you think about this? Be sure to comment below!

I wasn’t going to write about this – but it really says a lot about the new reality of our country.

I’m going to hope this entire thing is just someone proving a point!


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    Is this real ? Omg what’s wrong with people . It’s a statue ! It’s fun ! Oh wait that’s the problem ? No one likes fun anymore. Take life too serious ! I hope Shark Girl lives forever !

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    My daughter (8y/o) Catie dressed up as SharkGirl this past Halloween. She was intrigued by the statue on a recent previous visit to CanalSide. To get good use of the costume we went to CanalSide last month dressed up to walk around. What fun! We love SharkGirl. I would share a picture, but i couldn’t. We love SharkGirl…. she is beautiful and intriguing.

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    this piece of Art accomplishes what it is created to do. It gets people involved, congratulations to the artist, Personally I have a piece of work my grown sons call “Sumo Baby” and it is the only piece that totally involves the family in derision and laughter. God bless artists!!

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    I’m offended. By everything and nothing at all the same time. I don’t even know what’s going to offend me next and that’s offensive to me.

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    Are you kidding- The 33 people that signed the petition need to get a life.
    My question is When will Sharkboy appear…..:)

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    Please leave Shark Girl in peace. It is interesting and not the least bit offensive. By the way, how many shark attack victims live in Buffalo??

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    I spend alot of time, by Buffalo’s waterfront. And each & everytime I drive or walk past Shark girl, someone is usually taking a picture or sitting next to her. It’s a piece of art.
    Get a life, for all you people who have nothing better, but to find something wrong in life, instead of enjoying what others do like..

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    Now we are persecuting artwork?! Well this is a new low! Good grief!

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    Of course it’s offensive! Isn’t everything nowadays?

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    My children were actually somewhat frightened when they saw this statue at canalside, I didn’t really think much of it… but now that this issue is being brought to attention it makes me re-evaluate the situation.

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    Offensive to people of shark attacks! Never heard about any shark attacks in Lake Erie. Stupid asses.

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