SOOOO many folks have sent cards to support & cheer up Alden Boy battling terminal cancer

March 21, 2018

Written By

Mary Friona Celani

We asked you to help cheer up little TJ, the Alden boy battling terminal cancer, by sending cards … AND BOY DID YOU!!


Ten-year-old TJ was in remission before a relapse just a few months ago. Now, he’s fighting for his life – and doing so with courage and grace! He is has an amazing support system, that seems to include all of Western New York and beyond!!



The cards have been rolling in to TJ Ackley’s home. He wanted cards with animals on them. That’s what he got! Some photos, some drawings – all beautiful. TJ’s mom, Kerry Miller says they’ve received around 200 cards!

His parents appreciate the prayers and hope you will continue to pray as they await new test results – which should come in on Thursday.

TJ is such a strong, brave and beautiful little boy!


If you would like to send him a card or gift here is the address:

Thomas Ackley JR

12885 Broadway St Apt 7

Alden, NY 14004

Friends of the family have started a fundraising page to help the family with the mounting medical and living expenses as they care for their boy – if you would like to help here is the information:

Follow TJ’s journey on his FB page HERE



Help Cheer up Alden boy battling terminal cancer by sending card, picture of animal.


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